Church and Community

Church and Community

Our mission: to inspire Redeemer members to work in areas of important social concern and develop resources to inform, motivate, and train Redeemer members on issues of social justice in our community and beyond.

The Church and Community Small Group meets monthly on the first Thursday at 5:00pm. We are a group of Redeemer members who come together and work to live up to our mission. To this end, we have two current initiatives PADS Experience and Faith on Tap.

Faith on Tap is a fun and casual monthly meeting where young adults (and the young at heart) gather to enjoy each other’s company over drinks while exploring topics connecting faith with issues of social concern. We welcome you to come discuss a wide range of topics in a space designated for intelligent conversation and growing in the faith. So come grab a drink, meet your neighbor, and explore what it means to live out Christ’s call for justice. We meet each month at 1:30pm on second Sunday at Black Horizon Brewery in Willowbrook.

Past Initiatives:

Jesus and Justice: an examination of the American Justice System and our Faith

Dia De Los Muertos Weekend: Coco Movie Night, Bus Trip to the National Museum of Mexican Art

Rally against Child Separation at the Border

Summer Book Study and People’s Supper – America’s Original Sin by Jim Wallis