DuPage Pads

DuPage Pads

DuPagePads is so much more than a pad on the floor.

DuPagePads is about the journey home.

It’s about the journey from dependency to self-sufficiency. Not the shelter. Not the nights spent in a car, in a motel room or on the street. DuPagePads is a journey that begins with an extended hand, an affirming voice, and a trusting soul that will advocate undividedly for each individual.

Dinner for Six for PADS
As many of you may have guessed, COVID-19 has kept us from hosting PADS at Redeemer thus far this season. We have been creatively looking for ways to support this important ministry to our homeless neighbors. Thank you to all of you who supported our PADS drive in April!

Now we have another opportunity to serve by providing dinner on Friday, May 29 for the men, women, and children PADS is currently housing in hotels. While no person could make dinner for all 114, if just 20 families sign-up to make a simple meatloaf and broccoli dinner for six, we can do it!

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Sign-up through Signup Genius
  2. Pick up 12 empty containers from Redeemer on Thursday, May 28 on the table outside (10am-5pm)
  3. Make 1 meatloaf (any recipe is good – please avoid pork), put 2 slices in each of the 6 containers with 2 packets of BBQ sauce (available with container pick-up)
  4. Cook broccoli al dente, place a serving in the other 6 containers, PLEASE mark one container “M” for meatloaf and “B” for broccoli.

You can cook on Thursday, refrigerate and drop-off at Redeemer between 10:30-11:30am on Friday, May 29. Mission Outreach will add fruit and a roll and deliver; families will be fed! It’s easy!

If you have questions (or need a recipe), please contact Kris Mahon or Caryl Molinaro. Thank you for helping to extend Redeemer’s table to help those most in need.

The solution to end homelessness. Starts with housing.

Our thanks to you and your organization for supporting DuPage PADS’ mission to end homelessness for each homeless individual in our community. Overall, 11 local churches plus volunteers from Adventist Hinsdale/LaGrange hospitals participate. Your efforts are meaningful and very much appreciated. Although the shelters are the most visible part of PADS’ activities, they are only the front end of their successful effort. By being involved you are providing shelter, safety and food to those most in need. To learn more about DuPage PADS’ overall activities and success ending homelessness, click HERE.

Overview and Key Items for Group Coordinators

Instructions for PADS Dinner and Setup Teams

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