Redeemer Pals

During this time of social distancing, we would like to offer our members an opportunity to sign up to be “Redeemer Pals.” You will check in with each other regularly via phone call or text to make sure you both are well, have someone to talk with, and keep each other’s spirits up. You can share scripture, prayer, silly pictures of pets, or whatever might help! You may also make plans to drop off groceries or other items should the need arise and someone is unable to leave their home. You can also coordinate with the church office if your group needs more care than you may be able to provide.

Sign up using a Google Form – Click here to join the “Redeemer Pals” list. Please include your cell phone number or how you would prefer to be contacted in your email or call! We can place you with someone to stay in touch with but please also let us know who you might already be planning to check in with regularly!