Baptism for Christians is a celebration of joining the greater family of God. As Lutherans, we believe that God chooses us before we can choose God. This means that we baptize people of all ages, adults as well as children and infants. Baptism in the Lutheran tradition is seen as a first step on the road to faith. We boldly proclaim, “All who believe and are baptized will be saved” (Mark 16:16a). We also believe that baptized people are equipped with gifts of the Holy Spirit that allow them to do God’s work in the world. Baptism is a sacrament that only happens once. If an individual has been baptized in any church proclaiming the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) there is no need to be baptized again.

For adults and children who have not yet been baptized and who wish to receive the sacrament, Redeemer offers individual baptism education. We also offer education when families want to baptize an infant or young child. Generally, when a child is baptized, one or both parents are practicing Lutherans active in this parish.

Traditionally, children and infants have baptism sponsors called Godparents. Godparents make promises to help raise a child in the faith of the church. Godparents should therefore be themselves baptized Christians willing to take this commitment seriously. Godparents at Redeemer need not be Lutherans to take on this role.

Baptisms take place during the course of a regular worship service. In emergency situations baptisms can take place in a hospital or home.

One thing to keep in mind is that these are general guidelines to baptism. Every circumstance is unique, however, and Pastor Katie would be happy to work with you to help you and your family take part in baptism’s promise.

Baptism Form