• Develop resources to inform, motivate, and train Redeemer members on issues of social justice in our community and beyond.
  • Make a measurable difference in the lives of people suffering injustice.

The Church and Community Small Group meets monthly on the first Thursday from 5:00 – 6:30 p.m. We are a group of Redeemer members who come together in fellowship to work to achieve our mission objectives. Child care is provided.  For more information contact the church office to get connected to a member of our leadership team.

Activities to Inform, Motivate and Train

  • Reading and discussing books and articles that provide insights into societal issues and possible paths to resolution
  • Inviting guest speakers to share their insights and experiences related to issues of social justice
  • Enjoying time together as a group exploring local events or other opportunities that celebrate other cultures

Activities to Achieve Social Justice

  • Exploring ways to ensure that Redeemer is a welcoming and supportive place to worship and grow in Christ’s spirit for people of all cultures, sexual orientation and political opinion.
  • Active participation in DuPage United’s efforts to address local issues related to mental health, affordable housing and other important initiatives.
  • Participation in local protests and rallies that draw attention to pressing issues.

Examples of past actions or studies that Church & Community has either facilitated or been a part of

  • People’s supper and book study related to America’s Original Sin by Jim Wallis: Examines the United States’ issues with race, with a call to action to overcome racism ingrained in American society, based on Christian values.
  • Discussion of Dear Church, a book by ELCA Pastor Lenny Duncan: The book calls Lutherans to the front lines of the church’s renewal through racial equality and justice.
  • Participation in rally against child separation at U.S. borders.
  • Participation in Hinsdale’s Black Lives Matter protest organized by students from Hinsdale Central High School.
  • Día De Los Muertos Weekend: Congregational bus trip to the National Museum of Mexican Art and a “Coco” movie night
  • Jesus and Justice Series: A series of adult forums examining the Justice system in Illinois and actions Redeemer members can take to make the system more just.
  • Book study of Welcome Homeless by Alan Graham: This book tells the stories of several homeless individuals in the Austin, TX area and the work of Mobile Loaves and Fishes.
  • DuPage United Leadership Training: 11 Redeemer members and church staff participated in this training.
  • Listening Sessions: Church and Community led these sessions as a first step to better understand Redeemer members’ areas of concern.