First Communion ClassRedeemer offers a lot of flexibility as to when baptized children begin taking Holy Communion. Parents can consult with Pr. Katie as they consider when their children should start taking part in the sacrament. Many children begin taking communion once they have taken the Communion classes, offered annually to children in the fourth grade.

Communion classes take place over the course of a month. Parents (or Godparents) and children attend class together, over a series of several weeks, exploring the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. Activities are fun and highly interactive, and include delving into Bible stories, working together in small groups and baking communion bread.

Classes are typically offered on Sunday in the fall, starting in September each year. Please call the church office for more details, or email our  Director of Youth and Family Ministries, Tyler Parks

For very young children (e.g., pre-schoolers) interested in beginning to take communion, we have offered a one-day course, with parents, designed to give the children an age-appropriate introduction to communion. Pr. Katie has also worked one-on-one with families to meet the needs of their children, especially for special needs children. Please contact Pr. Katie for any special concerns or requests.