Online Holy Week Worship Schedule

While our worship may be virtual this Holy Week and Easter, we encourage you to prepare tangible elements to remind you that God is still at work bringing resurrection to each of us and our world.

For Palm Sunday April 5 at 10am

Find a houseplant, a branch from a tree outdoors, or pick up a palm outside of church (we’ll be leaving our palm order on the sidewalk for anyone to take home).  Be ready to shout “Hosanna!”

For Maundy Thursday April 9 at 7pm

Select a bowl, a pitcher of warm water, soap, and towel.  As we remember Jesus’ command to show love for our neighbor, we will wash our own and our family member’s hands.

For Good Friday April 10 at 7pm

Set out five candles and light them as the service begins.  After each reading extinguish a candle as a symbol of our sorrow over Jesus’ death and our own mortality.

For Easter Sunday April 12 at 10am

Prepare a great loaf of bread and a glass of wine and/or juice.  While risen bread and grape wine or juice is the preferred symbol for Holy Communion, use what you have on hand or what works for your family.  Redeemer has been known to use champagne and challah for festivals – you can too!  Pr. Katie will proclaim the promise that Christ is fully present in these elements via video, so that you may share them with believing hearts.  Note that good communion practice means either finishing all of the bread and wine (so don’t prepare too much) or burying/pouring the leftovers in the ground.