Worship is at the heart of what we do at Redeemer.

Worship at Redeemer is friendly but not informal, relevant but not trendy. We worship using the liturgy, the age old pattern of the church, which provides a recognizable flow to the service.

During this COVID season Redeemer is offering worship both on-line and in person.  The services follow the same pattern and always include Holy Communion.

We Gather, we Hear the Word, we Share in the Meal, and we are Sent to do God’s work in the world.

Sundays in Person 8:30 AM / On-Line 10AM

Sunday Worship

We Gather – The community of Redeemer comes from all walks of life and a variety of faith experiences. Our worshippers are young and old, working, retired, and in school, of a variety of political perspectives, economic classes, and family size and arrangements. Children are expected and welcome in worship. For those who would like to use it, a professionally staffed nursery is available during the school year for children 6 and younger from 9:30am-12:00pm.  In the summer, the nursery is staffed by volunteers during the 10:00am service.

We Hear the Word – Each week we hear the promises of the Bible proclaimed in readings and preaching. Our pastor and guest preachers intentionally work to proclaim the Bible’s age old truths in a way that speaks to our modern circumstance. We sing together. Music is drawn from the most familiar songs of the church to new songs of praise. A variety of instruments including voice, organ, piano, guitar, drums, brass, woodwinds, and stringed instruments enhance worship on a regular basis. Together we lift up to God the concerns and joys of our hearts in prayer. We share the peace of God with one another. We take up an offering of money to strengthen the church and serve those in need. Over 10% of our revenue is given away.

We Share the Meal – We partake of Holy Communion welcoming all (not just members) to the table of grace. We believe that the bread and the wine/grape juice we bless and share contain the real presence of Jesus’ own body and blood, which provides us with forgiveness, grace, and salvation. Gluten-free wafers are available. Any child or adult wishing to receive a blessing instead of communion is also welcomed to the table.

We are Sent into the World – At Redeemer we expect that faith will be part of our everyday lives. We believe that through worship we are strengthen and equipped to do this important work. Worshippers are sent to do acts of justice and kindness, to forgive and be forgiven, to heal a broken world, and to share the good news of God in Christ with all in need.

Wednesdays in Person 7PM

Wednesday Worship

During COVID our Wednesday Worship Service is at 7PM and follows the same pattern as our Sunday Service. When we resume our regular schedule, our Wednesday Worship Service offers an accessible, community oriented way to worship God as describe below:

This 30-minute, lively, informal, “come as you are” service contains all the same elements of our Sunday worship in a more streamlined way. Wednesday Worship is pro-participation, meaning that many parts of the liturgy are led by people from where they are sitting. Global songs are sung, prayers are offered (and written) by the people, scriptures are brought to life through personal reflections and testimonials, and Holy Communion is shared by all. Families, young children, teens, older adults, differently abled people, folks with unusual schedules, and anyone who benefit from this special service are welcome. Pause, re-focus, re-energize, and worship midweek!

Kim Wittenable and her son, Pierce, have become regulars at our Wednesday night worship. Pierce is a great kid on the Autism spectrum.

Wednesday night services work so well for us.

First is the duration. Pierce can make it about 30 min before he can’t participate. Having a short service allows me to bring him to church and have me be able to pay attention instead of policing him. I’m sure parents of non-special needs kids would enjoy this too.

Second, he is able to follow along with the familiar setting of the service. Learning for him is about repetition. When the key parts, like The Lord’s Prayer, are in the midst of 70 minutes of service, he has tuned out. After bringing him to church this summer, he is beginning to join us in it.

Third, the fellowship is so completely different. Each week, I find him talking to a different member of the congregation. Because it is a small setting, there is so much more communication and in a different way.

Fourth, I love the enthusiasm that is present during the service. People will clap their hands or give an “Amen” during a testimony. Pierce is usually dancing by the end. He is the only one, but he (and everyone) is obviously moved.

Wednesday Worship is Wonderful! Come try it with your family!