Vision for Ministry

Pr. Katie thinks that God’s love and the power of Jesus’ resurrection are intended for all people, and feels that God comes close to us especially when we are in need. During all of life’s stages she believes we discover grace in new ways. As a pastor, she loves working with children, adults, and seniors to discover and deepen faith, see what God is already doing in the world, and connect life and work to the promises and call of the Gospel.

Pr. Katie was born into a Lutheran family and raised in a culture where intellect and service were essential components of faith. Throughout her life and work, Pr. Katie has firmly believed in a thinking church that reaches out to do “God’s work” with “our hands.”  She finds that God is at work in people’s lives in graceful and often surprising ways.

Pr. Katie has served several churches in a variety of capacities. As a pastor, providing vision for mission, proclaiming God’s Word, and being a visible presence of Christ’s love in the lives of people are Pr. Katie’s great passions

Another passion for Pr. Katie is parenthood.  Her son John is a Senior at Hinsdale Central and daughter Betty is in the fifth grade.  Pr. Katie and her husband Jay met at the University of Chicago while Jay was in Law School and Pr. Katie was at the Divinity School.  Jay works as an attorney in Chicago and is an active member of Redeemer’s Mission Team.  The Hines-Shahs live in Hinsdale, and enjoy being part of the community.