Online Worship

You can access online worship either through our live-streaming feed or Zoom from this page. Throughout the church year, most broadcast services begin at 11am. For Christmas Day, the first Sunday of January and during the summer months, a single 10am service will be broadcast.

Consider setting up a space in your home for worship. Have a seat for every member of the family and turn off all other devices (except for what you need to stream, of course!) Perhaps you’d like to light a candle when it is time to begin. All music and hymns are available in the Sunday bulletin link below.

We’ll meet you in your homes!

Live-Stream – 11:00AM Sunday

The video below will begin to play automatically. If it does not, click the refresh button in the upper right corner of the player.  If there is no sound, click the little speaker icon in the lower right corner of the screen to un-mute the audio. If you are experiencing audio skipping, pause the video temporarily.

Zoom – 11:00AM Sunday

Click the Zoom link below to open the application on your computer and join the service. Worshiping through zoom allows you to participate by including prayers and sign of peace in the chat.

Have trouble with Zoom? Click here for a helpful online video resource for help. Make sure your computer/phone volume is turned up and that you are not playing your audio through a turned off bluetooth device.

Worship is at the heart of what we do at Redeemer.

Worship at Redeemer is friendly but not informal, relevant but not trendy. We worship using the liturgy, the age-old pattern of the church, which provides a recognizable flow to the service.

During this COVID season, Redeemer is offering virtual worship on-line and modified in-person services when it is safe to do so.  Both virtual and in-person services follow the same pattern and always include Holy Communion.

We Gather, we Hear the Word, we Share in the Meal, and we are Sent to do God’s work in the world.