Renewing Redeemer Capital Campaign Message

Capital Campaign Timeline:

  • February through March, 2018 – Preparation phase and lead gift appeals
  • April 6, 2018 – Early Giving Kickoff Event
  • April 8 through April 29, 2018 – Public phase Events and Appeal
  • May 20, 2018 – Congregational Vote to proceed with Renewing Redeemer Construction based on outcome of the Capital Campaign

We have created seven teams to support the work of the campaign, including Spiritual Life, Communications, Worship, Events, Lead Gift, Administrative and Children & Youth.  It’s not too late to get involved if you would like to be on a team!  Contact Pastor Katie or Kris Malkoski and they will guide you to the right team for your talents!

By now, you’ve heard all about Renewing Redeemer and our work toward launching a renovations project.

  • You’ve learned it’s been 30 years since we last renovated Redeemer and that it’s time to renew our building so the next 30 years of Redeemer ministry will flourish.
  • You’ve talked to our architect, had one-on-one meetings, and come to walk throughs.
  • You’ve heard Art’s enthusiasm, saw Tom’s multi-colored piggy bank, and as Camille shared information last week you found you are now “in the loop”.

While our work is far from done, today we are at the point to take the next step in the process.  Today we will take a congregational vote to proceed with a capital campaign to raise money to support the renovations.

To be clear, today’s vote isn’t for the renovations themselves – that vote will be taken in May after we know how much money we have raised.  But, today’s vote to proceed with the capital campaign will bring the Renewing Redeemer renovation project one step closer to reality.

To recap, Renewing Redeemer renovations priorities are to:

  1. Be accessible – welcoming and inclusive of all people in our physical facilities
  2. Enhance Fellowship – creating engaging space for greeting, meeting and gathering
  3. Add flexibility – improving multi-functionality of internal spaces to meet the needs of different users
  4. Update technology – insuring security and safety compliance
  5. Modernize our building – to have refreshed space that works well today and for the future generations of Redeemer members

If we vote to move forward today, our campaign theme will be “Living Christ’s Call – Imagine the Difference!”

So, let’s imagine for a bit…

  • Imagine Renewing Redeemer for newcomers!
    • Taking down the hedges so that people can see there is a church home right here for them
    • Opening up our gathering and greeting spaces so there is more room for to immediately feel welcomed and embraced!
  • Imagine Renewing Redeemer for Children!
    • Brightening and lightening lower level spaces where Sunday School and confirmation take place
    • Adding windows to classroom doors to improve security and accountability
  • Imagine Renewing Redeemer for Seniors!
    • Adding a ramp to the East Entrance enabling access for walkers, wheelchairs and the grandkid’s strollers
    • Bringing our handicapped restroom stalls up to code
    • Adding family restrooms where family members can assist disabled relatives
  • Imagine Renewing Redeemer for those in need!
    • Increasing available toilets on the lower level and improving lighting for our PADs guests
    • Providing updated and attractive meeting spaces for outside groups to use
    • Improving storage for service groups like Lutheran World Relief quilters
  • Imagine Renewing Redeemer for current members!
    • Replacing worn carpeting, dim lights, mismatched woodwork and outdated furniture
    • Creating multi-functionality to meet our various usage needs
    • Improving flexibility in lower level office space to accommodate interns and staff
    • Improving technology for security
  • Imagine Renewing Redeemer for whoever comes next!  For ministry and mission we haven’t yet envisioned!

As you vote today please know that you are voting on more than raising money to support brick and mortar renovation.  You are taking the next step to lay the foundation for our go forward mission work, ministry, outreach and programming in this building.

The approximate cost of Renewing Redeemer is $1.4 million – about double our annual budget, which our consultant tells us is in line with successful campaigns at other churches.

While we know this is a big number, we also know we are a giving congregation that rises to the occasion.  When Jesus called his first disciples, they couldn’t believe the wonderful things he was doing.  Jesus told them “You will see greater things that these.”  Throughout Redeemer’s history we have seen great things when we act boldly…

…when we started an English-speaking church in 1922

…when we left the Missouri Synod in the 1980’s

…when we started our outreach to PADS

…when we decided to call our first female pastor

On all these occasions God has continued to bless and grow our church

And his blessings on Redeemer continue!  In an era where churches are declining, budgets are going down, services are being cut in the past 5 years Redeemer has ADDED a weekly worship service on Wednesdays, INCREASED our budget and our giving to our mission partners, GROWN our Staff and TRAINED interns for the greater good of the church.  We are in a great place to embark on this campaign!

We are a blessed, generous, loving and vibrant people, fully invested in the ministry we share here at Redeemer.  Today, we ask you to vote “yes” to embark on a capital campaign to Renew Redeemer.  With a “yes” vote, we will launch the capital campaign this spring.  In May we will come back to vote on the actual construction, based on the pledges we receive.

As you think about your vote, think about how together we can Renew Redeemer.  Living Christ’s Call – Imagine the Difference we can make!

Kris Malkoski, Chairperson, Capital Campaign Committee (CCC)

Renewing Redeemer Capital Campaign

“Living Christ’s Call – Imagine the Difference”

Frequently Asked Questions & Responses

Why are we doing this at this time?

Redeemer is at a very exciting and dynamic time in its ministry.  MAP Survey, Listening Sessions and our Community Leader Gathering this past November revealed that we are in a ministry category described as a “Land of Possibilities.” Over the past 6 years we have grown in worship attendance, annual pledges and mission outreach giving.  This means that we are a healthy congregation and can take steps of boldness in advancing our mission and ministry, such as this project.  These renovations will make our church more accessible, functional, welcoming and inviting and will provide a visual foundation to communicate the inclusion and outreach we wish to accomplish in serving the community.  Did you know it has been over 30 years since any major renovations have been made at Redeemer?

How does the renovation serve the surrounding community?

Redeemer is proud that we are able to provide support for the community through PADS, HCS Family Services Events, and provide a venue for programs like Alcoholic Annonymous, Al-Anon, National Alliance on Mental Illness and others.  These renovations will allow us to expand our outreach to others in the community and will provide even higher quality engagement for our parishioners and community participants.  For example, a family bathroom will allow family caregivers of the opposite sex to support their wheelchair bound relative to utilize the restroom.  It will also allow flexibility for PADS bathroom needs. The renovations will also improve safety, lighting, flooring and flow to enhance our guests’ experience.

What will the project as a whole cost? 

We estimate that the renovations to Redeemer will cost approximately $1.4 million.

How did we land on $1.4 million?

We identified the following priorities when considering project scope:

  1. Be accessible – meaning welcoming and inclusive of all people in our physical facilities
  2. Enhance fellowship – creating engaging space for greeting, meeting and gathering
  3. Add flexibility – improving utility of internal spaces to meet the needs of different users
  4. Update technology – insuring security and safety compliance
  5. Modernize our building – to have refreshed space that works well for us today and for the next generations of Redeemer members.

The budget addresses these priorities.  The campaign goal is roughly 2x our annual budget which, according to our consultant, is in-line with successful fund raising at other congregations.

Tell me a bit more about the what is included in the renovations.

The drawings of the proposed changes are in the Renewing Redeemer Renovations Review and Capital Campaign brochures and are available at the church.  Members of the Renewing Redeemer committee will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

How will the campaign be funded? 

Through the generous gifts and pledge from each of us as strong partners in ministry here at Redeemer.  It is our goal to raise the $1.4 million from gifts and three-year pledges.  We will evaluate options like a bridge loan to ensure we can support build out work as pledge money comes in.  Our final plan will be communicated to the congregation once the capital campaign is complete and we know what has been given and pledged but before we take a congregational vote to begin construction. You will have the final say.

Is everyone being asked to donate?  How much will I be asked to give?

Yes. Our hope is that every Redeemer household will give their best gift/pledge that is above and beyond their regular giving. What that look slike in dollar amounts will vary by family as our situations vary. The Bible measures generosity not by a specific amount but by how the amount you give compares to what you have. When we consider the impact this project will have upon our ability to reach others with Christ’s love, we discover new measures of generosity.

Can gifts be given/pledged over time?  May I give gifts other than cash?

Yes. This is a three-year campaign. Gift like cash, stocks or estate giving may be made as a singular gift or over time. More details will be coming when we officially launch the capital campaign in early April, 2018.

What technology changes will be included?

Technology changes will address appropriate security for the entrances, lower level and exterior and will include equipment to enhance communication and learning tools.

What is the timing of the campaign and renovation work and when will the congregation be involved in decision making?

We will not move forward until there is active support and endorsement of the congregation.  Here is our planned timeline:

  • January 28, 2018 – Congregational vote to proceed with the Capital Campaign to raise the funds for these renovations
  • April 8, 2018 – Capital Campaign publicly launches and continues for four weeks, with an April 29th Celebration Sunday
  • May 20, 2018 – Based on the results of the Capital Campaign congregation votes on scope of Redeemer renovations and to proceed with construction
  • June – October 2018 – Preparation of construction documents and bidding
  • Late October, 2018 – Construction bids reviewed and selected.  Presentation made to congregation on contract selection and cost.
  • November 2018 – April 2019 – Construction Underway
  • Summer 2019 – Dedication