Join Us This Summer For The Mysteries of the Parables Vacation Bible School!

Get excited about a new VBS experience! This summer we explore The Mysteries of the Parables. The evening opportunity offers a chance for all ages to gather for dinner, fun, and the chance to learn more about the stories that Jesus told. Bring your best sleuthing skills to Redeemer in the third full week of June. We meet Monday through Friday, on June 19 – 23 from 6pm-8pm, with a special Uniquely Thursday outing on June 22. Adults will get to participate in Amy-Jill Levine’s video series on the Parables while kids group up for games, scavenger hunts, and more. Come for dinner at 6 pm and stay through 8 pm. Get these dates on your calendar and look forward to a wonderful opportunity to grow in the mystery and delight in following Christ together.

You can register online using the following links:

VBS Registration and Permission (for Child)

VBS Registration (for Adult)

If there are multiple adults and children in your group, we need you to fill out a separate form for each participant. If you have a child who is volunteering, we still need you to fill out a VBS Registration and Permission (for Child) form.

Alternatively, we also have pen-and-paper forms at the church office if you’d like to register that way.