Living Christ’s Call, Redeemer Welcomes You

Made one in Christ Jesus, we, the members of Redeemer Lutheran Church seek to celebrate diversity and welcome all to fully participate in our community.

We are imperfect people who have been saved by grace and we seek to continue Luther’s reformation in ourselves. We welcome you who have been ignored, rejected, or marginalized by the church. We welcome and embrace all in the fullness of who they are because we are all created in God’s image.

This welcome extends to the celebration of Holy Communion. Jesus welcomes you to His table.

You are welcome regardless of age, gender, color or culture; citizenship; religious or spiritual background; sexual orientation, gender identity or expression; relationship status or family structure; physical, emotional, or cognitive abilities; addictions; physical or mental health; incarceration or institutionalization; socio-economic status; housing situation; political views or affiliations; or any other point of distinction, which too often divides us in the world.

As God’s People we declare All Are Welcome.  Thanks be to God!

Temple Talk | RIC Sunday 29 January 2023